December 18, 2017

Certification of Non-manipulation benefits foreign traders

A batch of the US-produced laboratory equipment from the Asia-Pacific Logistics allocation center of Mettler Toledo finished customs clearance for import in Korea on February 2.

Benefited from the first Certification of Non-manipulation issued by China Customs, the clearance enjoyed the US-Korea free trade agreement’s preferential tax policies.

Chen Zhong, general-manager of the Asia-Pacific logistics center of Mettler Toledo, said the tax reduction they enjoy every year has exceeded US$150,000, and with the Certification of Non-manipulation, more and more international logistics would be handled in the Asia-Pacific logistics center in Shanghai.

The Certification of Non-manipulation solved the problem that the shipment of each regional logistics center have not been reprocessed or swapped, so that the shipment can both enjoy the trade facilitation from Shanghai Free Trade Zone and tariff preferential policies from free trade agreements.

Chen Yanqing, business director of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, said the certification will give the foreign companies a shot in the arm to set up their Asia-Pacific allocation center.