November 24, 2017

Cooperation memorandum aims to promote Shanghai FTZ development

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration signed a cooperation memorandum on Wednesday to promote the FTZ development.

The cooperation includes building a service platform of financial and commercial law support, investment and trade; accelerating the construction of Shanghai Intellectual Property Center and Shanghai International Shipping Service Center; building an investment information service platform; and deepening the international trade transformation, and international exchanges.

CCPIT will also set up a mediation center in the zone to carry out speedy arbitration of IP ownership disputes. Meanwhile, the zone administration will support CCPIT to set up Shanghai IP Center.

CCPIT will also strengthen the Maritime Average Adjustment Center, stipulating international law-abiding maritime transportation contracts and make the average adjustments in Shanghai, in order to improve China’s maritime laws.

The FTZ will support CCPIT to set up Investment Environment Monitoring Office in the zone to collect investment information and suggestions from companies in the zone, and present them to the government.

CCPIT will support the FTZ to build international trade platform based on the National Pavilion in the zone, and also build an importing platform.

CCPIT will take advantage of its domestic and international networking, its recourses of investment and trade, and its talents in financial and commercial law to enhance the development of the zone, said Ma Hao, director of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office.