November 22, 2017

New policies boost import of cosmetic products through Shanghai port

By October, Shanghai port had handled 487 cosmetic products’ registration, and 230 imported cosmetics products, six months after the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration introduced new policies regarding companies dealing in such products.

In March, the administration introduced policies such as “do business first, register later.” During the trial period until December 21, 2018, for all the non-special purpose cosmetics imported through ports in Pudong New Area, the registration time has been shortened from three to six months to just five days.

By October, major cosmetic companies such as L’Oreal, Shiseido, LG Household & Health Care Ltd had registered a total of 230 imported cosmetic products valued at US$13.82 million.

The new policies also require the cosmetic companies to designate person liable in China, responsible for the products’ quality and customers’ safety. Also, products’ origin tracing system should be established to strengthen quality control.

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration should also conduct product inspection in three months after the product’s registration, including the product’s production formula, production process, and production safety risk assessment.