November 17, 2017

City issues maintenance and manufacturing permit to Boeing Shanghai Services

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the title of Quality Assurance Unit and domestic aviation maintenance and manufacturing permit to Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services on November 7.

Boeing is the first aviation maintenance company in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and also the first to procure the permit, thus making the Pudong Airport bonded area the first of its kind to have the capability of maintaining and adapting airplanes.

As Shanghai Pudong Airport is turning itself into a world aviation hub, the upgrade of aviation maintenance industry has become rather urgent. Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services had 28 airplanes enter the border so far this year with a total declared amount of US$3.68 billion.

The FTZ also has introduced a series preferential measures to support the business of Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services, such as speeding up the inspection of the maintenance parts, cutting down the port declaration processes, shortening the inspection time, adopting more efficient inspection methods such as using remote videos to carry out inspection, and using the “inspect first, declare later” method.

Next Shanghai FTZ will keep supporting the aviation industry, and introduce risk management-oriented mechanism for companies with good credit records in the zone.