October 27, 2017

Biobank officially opens in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park

The Shanghai Zhangjiang Biobank officially opened on October 13 in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park. Set up by the Zhangjiang High-Tech Administration, the biobank is one of the priority projects of the park involving nearly 100 million yuan (US$15 million) in investment.


The Biobank is the largest of its kind in China with advanced and automated equipment. It has a capacity of storing 10 million biological samples, and will provide biological samples for clinical, medicine and health researches and industrialization worldwide.


The biobank's 500,000 tumor tissues are the first batch of the stock, using olefin and stored in room temperature, said Ye Yang, marketing director of Shanghai Outdo Biotech Co. In order to protect their customers' privacy, each sample only has a serial number and a QR code on it, which contains the customer's medical record, family medical history, and whether they smoke or not.


Various cell samples and tumor tissues are stored in liquid nitrogen, while blood serum, plasma, blood hemocytes, and nucleic acid are stored in ultra-low temperature freezers, Ye added.

Zhangjiang is taking a leading role in deploying technological innovation platforms in Shanghai, said Li Jinghua, director of the park's administration. The biobank serves as a centralized platform to commercialize the scientific innovations.