September 21, 2017

Iranian pavilion set to open in Shanghai FTZ

The Iran National Pavilion in Shanghai Free Trade Zone will officially open in November.

The 5,400-square meter pavilion has two floors, the first displaying Iranian products and experiences and the second with offices for Iranian business activities.

The displayed features include culture, food, rough stone blocks, minerals, handicrafts, and Iranian carpets. The culture section explains different eras of the nation's history, religion, architecture, literature and arts through printed items and multimedia.

Iranian technologies will also be introduced, such as medical equipment, security systems, agriculture, biotechnology, electron optical technology, and nanotechnology.

Iran is an important junction along the Belt and Road initiative, said Zhang Yuxin, deputy curator of the Iran National Pavilion.

It will be a platform to integrate resources in China and promote more Chinese companies to build the Iranian economy, Zhang said. It will also help strengthen cooperation between both countries' economies, society, and culture as well as further develop Iran’s infrastructure, finance, and service industries.