August 01, 2017

Teaching students a new way to learn

A school-enterprise interactive education platform was established in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park over the weekend as a major project of innovation education for sci-tech talent in schools in Zhangjiang when it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

With the platform, several primary and middle schools in the Pudong New Area signed contracts with German SGI Teenager Scientific-Innovation, the project founder, and several Chinese and German enterprises to introduce the German teenager innovation model into China.

The project will attract lots of famous high-tech enterprises at home and abroad to be involved, organizers say.

“Chinese schools have been promoting sci-tech innovation among kids and teenagers under educational reforms, but we need to do more,” said Fang Xiaoyi, headmaster of the Zhangjiang Experimental School affiliated to East China Normal University, one of the first five local schools that will conduct the pilot project under the guidance of the Zhangjiang School-Enterprise Interaction Educational Platform.

“The German SGI team is experienced in practice-oriented innovation education, which is what we need. I’m looking forward to cooperating with the SGI staff in educating students and in developing more innovative courses for our students.”

Yang Futao, deputy chief of the sci-tech innovation department of the Management Committee of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, said the project would introduce the German SGI project to Zhangjiang to enhance school-enterprise collaboration.

“The Park is committed to enhancing the development and integration of scientific innovation and education since its foundation. We believe that, the advanced notions, experiences, and practices in sci-tech education from SGI can help to better enhance the effective sharing of sci-tech and education resources.”