April 14, 2017

'Green card' for topnotch foreign experts in FTZ

Foreigners with recommendation letters from the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration can apply for permanent residence permits or Chinese "green cards" for their families, an official of the Pudong Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Public Security recently authorized Shanghai to implement the new policy in a bid to boost the development of the FTZ and Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone.

Universities, research institutes and enterprises in the FTZ can submit permit applications on behalf of their foreign employees who meet following requirements: world-famous prizes like the Nobel Prize, prestigious Chinese awards like the Friendship Awards, or being a member of China's "Thousand Talents Program", the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and foreign equivalents.

Expats who work for Project 863, Project 973 or for key laboratories and technology centers in Shanghai are also eligible to Chinese "green card".

Eligible expats also include high-level innovation talents in urgent need by the FTZ.

The bureau pledged to provide convenience for foreign experts and specialists.