April 07, 2017

Residence permit granted to Filipino domestic helper in Pudong

The Filipino maid applies for the residence permit at the Exit-Entry Administration Office of the Public Security Bureau on March 14.

A 44-year-old woman from the Philippines became the first foreign home helper legally working in Pudong, as Shanghai's eased visa rules allow high-level foreign professionals living and working in the city to hire them, police said yesterday.

Since December 2016, all foreign R visa holders working in Shanghai on residence permits and green card holders as well as high-level professionals from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan recognized by the government as "talent" are entitled to applying residence permits for home helpers they're hiring.

The eased visa rules since July 2015 significantly opened up the qualification for R visas, five-year residence permits and green cards to foreigners. Before then, only foreigners employed as senior executives in high-tech industries or professors at academic institutions were eligible, but now, employees at Shanghai's top high tech companies and certain high earners are included.

In this case, the home helper, who got her one-year residence permit marked with "home service" last month, was hired by the CEO of a biomedicine company, Pudong police said.

The home helper's employer, who holds a five-year residence permit in Shanghai, applied to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of the Public Security Bureau in Pudong on March 14.

Police said this was not the first case in Shanghai where qualified foreigners hired foreign home helpers since July 2015, but such cases remain few so far. Before July 2015, foreign home helpers were entirely banned from working in Shanghai.

The applicant for a foreign home helper should bring the signed contract, financial guarantee documents, life insurance papers and health certificate of the home helper apart from his own personal documents, police said.

A total of 175,931 foreigners lived in Shanghai with residence permits as of the end of 2015 with 91,372 of them on working permits, and besides, there were 2,404 Chinese green card holders, according to the city's statistics authorities.