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Shanghai Customs takes special measures to ensure energy supply Updated: 2022-04-07

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Shanghai Customs has taken special measures to ensure that customs clearance for fuel, gas and coal will not be affected by the city's lockdown. [Photo/Pudong News]

Sixty thousand tons of jet fuel smoothly passed customs examinations in Pudong New Area, Shanghai on April 4, despite the citywide lockdown that has been put into place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks to the transformation of the local customs, jet fuel was directly supplied to Pudong International Airport to ensure its normal operation amid the epidemic.

Since March 28, Pudong Customs has taken strict closed-loop management of officials who are on duty for 14 days without shifts, to ensure the timely unloading and clearance of energy supplies, including 60,000 tons of jet fuel, 154,100 tons of coal and 62,000 tons of liquefied natural gas.

"We have made an emergency plan for such a challenging period, so that energies such as LNG, which is essential for millions' of Shanghai residents', would be in sufficient supply," said Du Haiqing, an official at Yangshan Customs.

Yangshan Customs established special measures to deal with a shipment of 62,700 tons of imported natural gas on April 1. 

According to Du, they brought the offline clearance procedures online to allow the delivery of natural gas to reach residents' doorsteps at the fastest speed possible.