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Notice of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone on the (Change) Filing of Liquidator of Foreign-Invested Partnership Updated: 2022-01-25

The English version is for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

I. Operation Basis

Partnership Enterprise Law of the People’s Republic of China, Regulations of the PRC on the Administration of Registration of Partnership Enterprises, Administrative Provisions on the Registration of Foreign-Funded Partnership Enterprises, and Measures for Administration of the Establishment of Partnership Enterprises within the Territory of China by Foreign Enterprises or Individuals

II. Scope of Application

Filing (change) registration of the liquidator of foreign invested partnership enterprises

III. Required Materials

1. Application for Registration of Change (Filing) of Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprises as signed by the executive partner or appointed representative

2. List of liquidators as signed by all partners

3. Photocopy of the duplicate of the Business License of the partnership enterprise

It is required to affix the seal of the partnership enterprise

IV. Application Process

    The investors shall visit the official website of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administration, i.e. or the “Investment and Handling Express in Pilot Area” at the portal website of “Shanghai - China”, and prepare relevant materials according to the applicable requirements, and submit the paper materials to the Investment Management Window of the Comprehensive Service Hall in the pilot area for the purpose of handling the change formalities. If materials are complete and in conformity with the legal form, after completion of handling, replace the Business License at the designated window.

V. Application Location and Contact Information

General Service Hall, 1/F, 9 Jilong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Post Code: 200131

Contact Tel.: +86-21-58698202

VI. Complaint Mode

Mode of Complaint to the Management Committee of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Tel.: +86-21-58697800

Fax: +86-21-58698705


Provided by Lawyers Working Committee of Pudong New Area