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New partnership to drive cultural industry development in Shanghai FTZ Updated: 2022-01-10

Renmin Creative Culture Development Co, based in Beijing, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone International Culture Investment and Development Co on Jan 5.

According to the agreement, the two sides will promote cooperation in business scale expansion, intellectual property cultivation and operation, culture and art creation, channel sharing, and creative cultural product development.

The cooperation, which will benefit from Shanghai FTZ's preferential policies, culture and art platforms and resources, is aimed at preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture internationally.

"There is a lot of space for China's culture creativity industry to grow, as the country's cultural confidence strengthens and related markets boom," said Shen Jian, general manager of the Beijing culture firm.

The culture industry, one of six major industries in the Shanghai FTZ, has experienced comprehensive growth and expansion over the past decade. The zone has built the country's most highly efficient in-bound and out-bound channels for cultural relics and artwork, and has formed a comprehensive industrial chain involving international channels, bonded storage, exhibitions and transactions, logistics, insurance, copyright services and more.

Behind this growth is Shanghai FTZ International Culture Investment and Development Co's unremitting efforts, including building the Shanghai International Artwork Bonded Service Center, the largest of its kind in the world in terms of overall space, and hosting the first Shanghai FTZ Art Fair.

The new partnership is expected to further boost Shanghai FTZ's culture creativity industry, making it more fashionable, diverse, novel, inclusive and international.