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Foreign talents enjoy national treatment in Shanghai FTZ Updated: 2018-04-09


High-level foreign talents can enjoy national treatment if he or she starts a new business in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone (FTZ), according to a new policy published on April 3.

The new policy is aimed at attracting foreign workers to Shanghai's FTZ, as it allows foreign talents employed at universities, research institutes and enterprises to work at more than one company.

In addition, foreign students at Shanghai universities will receive both financial and political support while working in Shanghai FTZ.

The new policy also hopes to satisfy workers' various needs, such as career development, social welfare, life and service.

According to official statistics, the number of high-level talents in Pudong has reached 1.37 million, among which 36,000 are foreign. In order to attract more talent, Pudong will provide them with over 2 billion yuan ($317.6 million) in support over the next three years.